Expect a Better Harvest With Our Seeds and Other Products

Expect a Better Harvest With Our Seeds and Other Products

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Channel Seed  Sales

Channel Seed Sales

We are proud to carry the Channel brand of Seed Corn and Soybeans. Channel is an upcoming brand in the Bayer lineup. We feel Channel is a superb brand with a wide range of high-performing maturities from 94–114 day corn with excellent plant health, top-end yield, and great late-season intactness. Soybean maturities range from 1.4–4.5 with strong disease packages and top-end yield along with a very strong lineup of Xtend soybeans.

Outstanding Service

We feel one of the many strengths of Channel is the service after the sale. We strive to have the tools the customer needs to be successful, from field by field hybrid placement by soil type and fertility levels to expert advice in-season through our field checkup series and sharing in the success of harvest—we feel this truly is Seedsmanship at Work.


The Channel website offers many great resources for our customers including a product search, harvest results, and so much more! Feel free to click on the link above to be directed to the home page and have a look around. Or click on any of the links below to access some of our favorite tools.

What makes Channel Seed the  fastest growing brand in the United States?

What makes Channel Seed the fastest growing brand in the United States?


Elite Products







It is a privilege to be a part of your farming operation. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and "Seedsmanship" is how we honor that partnership. Seedsmanship is being fully committed to helping our customers succeed.

As a Channel Seedsman, we'll be working beside you all year long. From taking stand counts and watching for potential pest pressure, to counting pods and checking kernel moisture at harvest time, we are an extra set of boots on the ground during the growing season.

In the offseason, you'll find us planning out seed placement, helping with soil samples and integrating harvest data into your Climate account for year-end analysis.

Elite Products

Elite Products

Channel combines world-class genetics and elite agronomics with local knowledge and comprehensive data to build a portfolio of products that you can depend on from planting through harvest. Give us a call today at (800) 640-1847 and find out how Channel Seed is placed to perform in Missouri.

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Here’s what we can provide:

  • Seed treatment for any type of brand of seed.
  • State-of-the-art technology and computer-run interfaces.
  • Seed treatments applied by weight, increasing efficiency, and saving you money.
  • We offer pickup services, treatment, and return delivery; often on the same day.
  • We provide any custom combination of the following treatments:
    • Fungicide
    • Insecticide
    • Biological Stimulants
    • Nutritionals
    • Inoculants
    • And More

We make seed treatments affordable and easy. We’re able to process more than 3,000 bags a day and offer same day treatments whether you drop off your seed or have us pick it up.

Contact Crop Partners today to see what we can do for you!

We use Acceleron, Ilevo and Tripidity in our seed treatment process.

Farm Delivery for Seed

We offer a massive supply of quality and affordable agricultural chemicals and products to ensure you have everything you need when you need it. With our products, you can react quickly to almost any variable that might threaten your crops. We pride ourselves on timely farm deliveries.

Why should you choose Crop Partners?

Why should you choose Crop Partners?

  • We have a massive supply of seed and chemicals
  • We shop every major manufacturer to ensure the best products at the best prices
  • We offer all the chemicals and supplies you need
  • Bulk totes, tanks, and cages to ensure no cross-contamination

We also offer many other farm delivery services to meet your needs. Contact us today to see what else we can do for you.

Channel Seed

Clint Deitch, CCA

Owner & Channel Seed Sales

(800) 640-1847 EXT 101

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Ryan Craig, CCA

Agronomist & Chemical Sales

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